About us

Evacuaid AS was founded to develop unique emergency bracelets for faster and safer evacuations.  

In a chaotic evacuation environment, it is often difficult to find the way out, guide others to safety, or to be found if help is

We saw that employees in many industries have critical tasks and challenging escape routes during evacuations.
However, available safety products were not designed for untrained personnel in high-stress situations.

Evacuaid emergency bracelet was developed as a complete evacuation tool, simply using sound and light. Our patented products include safety features proven by fire fighters for decades, but without being difficult to equip or use.

We launched our first product, Evacuaid PRO, in 2010. In 2013, we obtained EX certificates, and launched the Hazard series. The Hazard series is developed for confined entries and hazardous areas, while our original products EX and PRO is made for evacuation and escape. Today, our emergency bracelets are sold through established distributors on all continents, and the distributor network is continuously growing.

Evacuaid AS is located in Oslo, Norway.


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