How evacuaid saves lives

Light and sound has been a lifesaver for fire fighters for decades. With Evacuaid, this simple but efficient PASS device has become available for everyone. – Simply strap on to activate – Find the way out and execute tasks with both hands free – Automatic alarm – be found when time is critical

Easy to operate – designed for stress scenarios and a minimum of training

Simplicity in emergency situations is vital. Simply strap on to activate, no buttons required. No false alarms, as unit is deactivated when taken off the wrist.

Easy to maintain – 6 years service concept

Evacuaid can be stored for six years and still have capacity of over 20 hours in full alarm mode. Evacuaid is always at the ready and can be worn on a belt or wall mounted at strategic locations together with other escape and emergency equipment, such as escape hoods.

Autonomous – “simple stupid” and independent from all other systems

Suitable for: (i) employees with challenging escape routes (ii) employees responsible for others safety, in EX zones. 

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